The Online Interactive Catalogue

Your newest most effective sales & marketing tool for online selling

Transform your static PDF catalogue into an interactive and easy to browse flipbook tailored to your business needs and increase your conversions. With our custom solutions and dedicated assistance, your interactive catalogue project will stand-out and enhance the customer experience.

A more enjoyable online shopping experience for your customers

With the most various and advanced features on the market, our interactive catalogue solutions will make your customers love your brand and products.

Customised branded design

Each client is unique and so is their project. Our solutions are fully customisable, ready to suit your brand identity, business needs and project characteristics.

Intuitive navigation & multimedia content

When browsing through the interactive catalogue, the visitors can have the option of searching for the desired product, see the pages overview or enjoy multimedia elements such as photo and audio galleries, animations and videos.

The catalogue at your fingertips

The interactive catalogue is always placed on your company platform, so your customers can enjoy browsing it right from the website they are familiar with.

Responsive on any device

Our solutions are cross-platform optimised thanks to the HTML5 technology that makes it easy to navigate on any device from PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets.

Purchases straight from the catalogue

How can you make your customers happy if not easing the purchasing process for them? On-demand, our solutions can have e-commerce functionalities integrated from your online store: shopping cart and product pages, links to the product page etc.

Social media sharing

We all like to be social nowadays. Your customers can share the entire catalogue or the product they love on social networks.

Digital solutions tailored to your business

Many companies, different needs. Our catalogue solutions were created to suit various areas of activity, each one with its own characteristics.

Retail & e-commerce

Engage more customers and boost sales and performance. Interactive catalogues with e-commerce functionalities, multi-platform compatible.

Retail & e-commerce Image


Build and grow the relationship with your partners. Private interactive catalogues, customisable for each of your clients.

Business-to-Business Image

Corporate & public organisations

Make a statement in front of your audience in an interactive and appealing way. Annual reports, brand or product e-brochures, presentations, newsletters etc.

Corporate & public organisations Image

Media publishing

Reach more readers and gain subscribers using an online interactive channel. Interactive magazines, eBooks, e-brochures, lookbooks etc.

Media publishing Image

Our pricing options and standard features

We are offering three pricing options for all budget ranges and various needs. They are available for any type of interactive catalogue solution and they can be customised based on the selection of features added to the flipbook.

Discover the standard features each pricing option includes and choose the one that best covers your publishing needs. Feel free to ask for additional features available. We will be glad to offer you a customised quote.

Your catalogue on a budget

Simple and effective solution, with basic personalisation and fast delivery.

  • Pagination requires single paged PDF files
  • Web color optimisation
  • Custom user interface with logo and summary personalisation
  • Maximum of 10 zoom elements per catalogue page (area, page, links)

More power, low cost

Additional features, moderate customisation. A solution for medium complexity requirements.

  • Pagination available from multiple separate PDF files
  • Optimisation of file weight
  • Custom user interface with logo, preload page, colors, summary and background personalisation
  • Maximum of 10 zoom elements per catalogue page (area, page, links)

The Super Star option

Fully customisable and solid, our best-known solution is perfect for complex and specific needs.

  • Pagination available starting from ready for print PDF files
  • Clean PDF file for hidden texts and shapes
  • Fully customisable user interface
  • Ultra powerful predictive search engine with on page highlight
  • Unlimited zoom zones, links or hotspots per page